Cats for Adoption
Rosemary was part of a feral colony, but decided very quickly that she liked humans and loved petting.

Posted July 23, 2022. Updated August 8, 2023.
Sage came from a feral colony, but is a calm, gentle kitty. He's still not completely trusting, so patience will be required.

Posted July 23, 2022. Updated August 8, 2023.
Maddy loves to be petted, but is still uncertain about being held. She' s alert and playful.

Posted November 27, 2022. Adopted.
Regal is an exceptionally friendly, gentle cat. When I took blood for his FeLV test, he purred. When I vaccinated him, he purred. His history is unknown: He was found wandering, already neutered. Did his person die? He's going to make someone a wonderful companion.

Posted September 16, 2023. Adopted.
Mushroom came to me as a (supposedly) feral cat. I don't know if she's remembering having a home once or just so smart and nice that she's elected to make friends, but she's shaping to be a darling: timid, but loves petting.

Posted October 1, 2023. Adopted.

Boulder was found wandering, already neutered. He's friendly, trusting and gentle; had his owner died? If you want a BIG cat with a lovely disposition, come and meet him. When he first arrived he was aloof with the other cats — but kitten Melissa has adopted him as her big brother and is often in his arms.

Posted October 3, 2023. Adopted.
Melvin was born to a feral mother and brought to me with his littermates when he was young enough to socialize. He's still a little shy, but coming around nicely.

Posted October 3, 2023. Adopted.

Melissa and Melanie came from the same litter as Melvin. They are relaxed with people now and purr loudly.

Posted October 3, 2023.
Joan was found trapped inside a wall and had to be rescued by the fire department. She's a sweet, gentle cat, perfect for someone wanting an only pet.

Posted October 28, 2023. Adopted.

Snip and Snap are playful, trusting kittens, good in any situation.

Posted November 6, 2023. Adopted.

These siblings, Jolly, Joy and Jocelyn, are happy, healthy, playful and affectionate.

Posted December 6, 2023.
All adopted.
Onyx was outside, already neutered (and chipped — but the chip was a dead end). It was bitterly cold and he walked up to a woman and demanded to be let into her house. He's very intelligent and very nice. Didn't know about other animals when he arrived here, but is learning that they won't bother him.

Posted February 5, 2024. Adopted.