Cats for Adoption
Double has been with me for over two years, since he came in as a big kitten. He's a dear cat, but a bit shy, especially with people he doesn't know.
He's becoming more friendly, stretching out on the bed and asking to be petted. He's excellent with other cats.

Updated June 15, 2020
Misty is a quiet little cat who walks with a limp. She's friendly with people but likes to insert herself into small places (under the bedcovers, under furniture), so she tends not to be noticed.
Recently she's been spending more time out and visible, soliciting back scratches.

Updated December 30, 2019
Willie was near death when he arrived. His face was a mask of dried mucus and the rest of him was covered in diarrhea. He was dehydrated and emaciated. I cleaned him as best I could and put him on my lap to give him fluids; he was so thin that I had trouble placing the needle. As I stabbed him repeatedly -- he purred loudly and made bread. That's who he is. He's stable now: the diarrhea has stopped and he's eating well. His remaining teeth have been removed. One eye is glazed and atrophied. He will never be beautiful and his health may require monitoring. But his personality is excellent.

May 31, 2021.
Peach had never been indoors before he was brought to me. He had befriended the person feeding his colony. He was so shy that he remained in his cage all day even though the door was open -- but if I reached inside and scratched around his neck he purred loudly. He now comes out during the day and is much more confident. This is a cat who will require patience from his adopter, but he has the goods.

May 9, 2021.