Cats for Adoption

Double has been with me for over two years, since he came in as a big kitten. He's a dear cat, but a bit shy, especially with people he doesn't know.
He's becoming more friendly, stretching out on the bed and asking to be petted. He's excellent with other cats.

Updated June 15, 2020
Misty is a quiet little cat who walks with a limp. She's friendly with people but likes to insert herself into small places (under the bedcovers, under furniture), so she tends not to be noticed.
Recently she's been spending more time out and visible, soliciting back scratches.

Updated December 30, 2019
Shag came to me in shocking condition: emaciated, filthy, matted and in need of a dentistry. He had been neutered (so somebody loved him once). Had his person died? He was found in a lobby, unclaimed. My vet did bloodwork and found that Shag's thyroid was overactive; the dentistry had to wait until that was under control. There was the option of ending his life: he's an older cat and this was going to cost a bundle (it did). But he's so nice! He cuddles and wants to be petted and his motor never goes off. Shag needs a person willing and able to get a pill into him twice a day -- a person who understands that they may only have a limited number of years together (we don't know how old he is). But -- have I mentioned that his motor never goes off?

Updated November 30, 2020.
Annabelle is a very gentle, quiet cat. She came from an outdoor colony, but behaves as if she once had a home.
She'd make a fine addition to any family.

Adopted February 13, 2020.