Cats for Adoption
Buster is FIV+ (which means he's been exposed, not that he'll
necessarily get sick -- though of course he may). He also came
in with the worst ear infection I've ever seen (he's healed
But the big story about Buster is his disposition: all he wants
out of life is petting and loving and he gives it back multiplied.
This is a cat who gives you his belly to rub and doesn't maul
you when you rub it. A real sweetheart.
Posted June 28, 2016.
Roll (seen here with Crisco) and her sister Rattle are a year old and fully vetted. They appear to be part Siamese: they
have the elegant bone structure.
Roll is a little thing, a bit shy but responding to holding and petting. She's turning into quite the cuddle!
Rattle is more aloof -- more of a cat's cat.
They don't have to be placed together.
Posted July 1st, 2016. Updated May 28, 2017.
Victor was brought to me by the woman who's been feeding
him outside. She has to move back to her country and is trying
to find safe havens for the cats she's been caring for.
Victor is a big, sweet guy -- trusting and gentle. He'll make some
lucky person a wonderful pet.
Posted July 10, 2016
Gabriel is a lovely young cat. When he was found he had an
entropion: an eyelid folded the wrong way and rubbing against
his eye. It was surgically corrected, but his right eye is smaller.
He is also positive for FIV -- which means he's been exposed,
not that he'll necessarily get sick. And he is NOT contagious.
He's got a great personality.
Posted September 17, 2016.
Randolph was found outside with a feral colony -- but he wasn't
feral. Somebody must have dumped him there.
He just came in today and is a little shell-shocked, but he seems to be
a sweet guy.
Posted January 18, 2017.

He's becoming very friendly, talking to me when I'm near
his cage, rubbing his face on my hand and enjoying petting. He'll
make someone a lovely pet.
Daisy has the softest fur you'll ever touch. She's a gentle cat,
quiet and loving. Truly a daisy.
Posted February 22, 2017.
Destiny, despite his feminine-sounding name, is a male cat --
and enormous.
He was brought to me for no other reason than that his owner
had gotten tired of him. He's about five years old, perfectly
He was depressed when he first arrived, but is now adjusting
nicely, responding to petting, exploring the premises and
making friends with my dog. A dignified gentleman.
Posted April 14, 2017.
Adopted November 24.
Pookie was found wandering the street. He was a full grown
tomcat, not neutered, so maybe he was put out because he
smelled bad. He's fully vetted now -- and one of the sweetest
cats I've ever met. He was purring while I vaccinated him!
He'll make somebody a spectacular pet.
Posted April 14, 2017.
Adopted September 29.
Melanie looks like a black cat at first glance, but she's really a
very dark tiger. Gorgeous!
I found her in an alley, already spayed (my vet found a scar
when he shaved her belly). What's her history? Why was she
out there?
When I found her she let me pick her up, carry her two
blocks, through doors and past my dog -- but then she got
upset because she didn't like being caged. She's gradually
settling down.
Posted April 26, 2017.
Noah was rescued right after a flooding rainstorm.
He's an affectionate, very vocal cat. A sweetie.
Nice as he is with people, he's become a bit of a bully with my
other cats -- and is sometimes aggressive with my dog. So he
probably needs to be an only pet.
Posted May 16, 2017.
Cuddles was just returned to me after being adopted four
years ago: her owner is traveling and trying to find friends
to care for her cat turned out to be too much trouble.
So Cuddles is here again, slowly getting used to living in a
shelter again. She'd rather be an only pet.
I hope she's adopted soon and can be the one and only
beloved pet she used to be.
Posted May 16, 2017.
Double and Darling are littermates. They have been here a
very short time and are still very shy, so they require adoptive
homes where people will be patient and willing to work with
All their veterinary work has been done.
Posted July 3, 2017.
Update (July 15):
Darling now arches her back with pleasure when I scratch it --
and Double is also starting to respond. They're shaping to be
very nice cats.
August 17:
Both now come trustfully to me to be handled.
Domino and Dusk are the last kittens left from a litter of five; the others have been placed. They're about 3 months
old now, neutered and fully vaccinated (except for rabies: too young).
Domino is the male.
Posted October 1, 2017.
Starlight is a long-boned, graceful young cat who is probably
still growing. From his form and his voice I'm guessing he's
part Siamese.
He's very gentle and friendly and good with other animals.
Posted October 9, 2017.
Adopted October 21.
Moe was living on the street, an abandoned pet whose luck
had run out.
We don't know how old he is or anything abut his past --
but he's just so sweet! He's only been here a couple of
days and he's already made friends with my dog.
A lovely animal!
Posted October 10th, 2017.
Doe was abandoned and not rescued until she'd had a litter
of kittens outside.
She's a petite cat, very vocal (almost certainly part Siamese).
She loves to be held and cuddled.
Posted November 8, 2017.