Cats for Adoption
Randolph was found outside with a feral colony -- but he wasn't
feral. Somebody must have dumped him there.
He's been with me for a couple of years now (he hides when
company comes, which makes him hard to place) and has blossomed
into one of the sweetest cats I've ever encountered: he asks to be
petted (loves handling) and has befriended the cats most in need of
nurturing. Here he's giving Double a good washing. And he's the only
cat Misty feels safe playing with.
Updated March 22, 2019
Rattle was so shy that I sent her to be fostered with a couple
who are really good at getting cats to engage with people. They
She's definitely more comfortable now than she was when she
first got here. It took her a while, but she's now letting us—and
even strangers—pet her. (She's particularly permitting of that
when she has a feather or string in her paws.) She purrs
regularly now, and comes up to us from time to time. She likes
to stroll around in front of us and roll on the ground in front of
us when we watch TV, as if she wants us to pay attention to
her. Toys with feathers seem to be the trick with her—she is
absolutely obsessed with anything feather-related. Strings also
do the trick. She basically loves playing with just about
anything, especially if it has feathers.
Updated December 10, 2017.
Double is an odd little cat: a bit shy, but curious and sometimes
willing to be petted.
Lately he's become much more friendly, looking into my eyes
and purring when I stroke him.
And very photogenic!
He's a year old and small for a male.
April 6, 2018
Victor is a big, quiet cat -- once the neighborhood
welcomer until his feeder became ill and sought an indoor
place for him.
He's friendly with people as long as he can withdraw
when he's had enough. If you're looking for a laid-back,
not overly demonstrative buddy -- he's it.
His flaw is that he bullies other cats -- so he must be
placed as a one and only.
Posted August, 2016
Melanie was very friendly when I found her on the street, but didn't do well in a
cage. She has been staying with a foster family; this is what they say:

Every time we come home, she would run to the door to greet us. Whenever we
moved to a different room, she would slowly follow us into that room. Even when
one of us uses the bathroom we would open the door to find her there waiting for
us! Sometimes she can be a bit shy about being petted, but it's usually not a
problem—she's not shy at all about rubbing herself all over your legs, even if you're
just a visitor. All in all she's a very sweet kitty, and has come to love meeting new
people. I'm quite confident she will have no problem adjusting to a new home.

May 28, 2018
Adopted May 29th, 2019
Misty had kittens when she was too young and came to
me very run down. She has now gained weight and was
just spayed.
She's a dear, gentle little thing.
Posted July 26, 2018

She now lives in my bedroom, where she can get some
exercise. She walks with a wobble (possibly from an old
injury), but is otherwise fine. Randolph (above) has taken
her under his wing and washes her head.
Keke was brought to me by a family that was moving
and when he first came he was mad at me for taking his
people away: very cage-aggressive.
Now that he's been here awhile and is no longer caged
he's showing himself to be a sweet, quiet cat who enjoys
Posted August 7, 2018.
Clarence is a delightful cat: affectionate to the point of
being demanding.
He's living with other cats here, but would probably be
happiest if he were the only pet: he wants his person all to
Posted May 11, 2019.
Adopted May 25.
Chuck was abandoned by his owner and was living in
a basement when he was brought to me. He's a nice,
friendly guy.
He's met my dog and is ready to make friends.

Posted May 22, 2019
Albert was rescued from the same basement as
Chuck (above). He's also a very nice cat.
The woman who brought them here says her little
boy used to pet them. He's completely without fear
and has made himself at home very quickly. Likes to
be held and petted.

Posted May 22, 2019
Brenda is the third cat to have been abandoned and
rescued from that infamous basement, She was the
only one already neutered when she came here -- but
she was in shocking condition. Her mouth was an
oozing mess (she's had a dentistry -- all teeth
extracted) and her claws had grown into her pads.
She must have been in horrible pain -- but she let me
cut them.
Since her dentistry she has become rejuvenated,
asking to be cuddled and tearing around through the
She loves lying on my bed.
I'm sure she's old, but she doesn't act it.
Posted May 28, 2019
Updated June 2
Three of these kittens are here; the person whose yard
they were in is still trying to get hold of the fourth.
So far there are two males and one female, with very
different personalities.
One male was already neutered and can be placed; the
others must be done first. They are under treatment for
diarrhea, so nobody is
quite ready.
But if you're interested in adopting when they are, please
email me.
Posted June 2, 2019.
Junior was found abandoned in a lobby.
He's a young cat (maybe 1 1/2 ?) and utterly
charming: a perfect gentleman.
Posted June 4.