Cats for Adoption
Gabriel is a lovely young cat. When he was found he had an
entropion: an eyelid folded the wrong way and rubbing against
his eye. It was surgically corrected, but his right eye is smaller.
He is also positive for FIV -- which means he's been exposed,
not that he'll necessarily get sick. And he is NOT contagious.
He's got a great personality.
And he's excellent with my dog!
Posted September 17, 2016.
Randolph was found outside with a feral colony -- but he wasn't
feral. Somebody must have dumped him there.
He just came in today and is a little shell-shocked, but he seems to be
a sweet guy.
Posted January 18, 2017.

He's becoming very friendly, talking to me when I'm near
his cage, rubbing his face on my hand and enjoying petting. He'll
make someone a lovely pet.
Update: He's not only pettable, but positively mushy and demanding.
A real sweetie!
Daisy has the softest fur you'll ever touch. She's a gentle
cat, quiet and loving. Truly a daisy.
Posted February 22, 2017.

Adopted April 10, 2018.
Melanie looks like a black cat at first glance, but she's really a
very dark tiger. Gorgeous!
I found her in an alley, already spayed (my vet found a scar
when he shaved her belly). What's her history? Why was she
out there?
When I found her she let me pick her up, carry her two
blocks, through doors and past my dog -- but then she got
upset because she didn't like being caged. She's gradually
settling down.
Posted April 26, 2017.
She has settled in nicely, exploring the house.
January 2018
Moe was living on the street, an abandoned pet whose luck
had run out.
We don't know how old he is or anything abut his past --
but he's just so sweet! He's only been here a couple of
days and he's already made friends with my dog.
A lovely animal!
Posted October 10th, 2017.
Rattle was so shy that I sent her to be fostered with a couple
who are really good at getting cats to engage with people. They
She's definitely more comfortable now than she was when she
first got here. It took her a while, but she's now letting us—and
even strangers—pet her. (She's particularly permitting of that
when she has a feather or string in her paws.) She purrs
regularly now, and comes up to us from time to time. She likes
to stroll around in front of us and roll on the ground in front of
us when we watch TV, as if she wants us to pay attention to
her. Toys with feathers seem to be the trick with her—she is
absolutely obsessed with anything feather-related. Strings also
do the trick. She basically loves playing with just about
anything, especially if it has feathers.
Updated December 10, 2017.
Noella was rescued right around Christmas. She had
already been spayed before she was abandoned (but was
not chipped).
She's a calm, very gentle kitty who loves to be petted.
Posted January 2, 2018.
Adoption pending
Rio was abandoned in the cold -- probably because he grew
up and his urine started to smell bad. Now that he's
neutered, the smell is gone.
He's a big, sleek, handsome guy. And he's nice: even though
he has been here less than a day, he allows me to handle him
Posted January 23, 2018
Yuko is a very intelligent, affectionate cat.
He wants a lot of attention and has a high activity level, so
he'd be best in a lively household.
Posted February 17, 2018.
Bright Eyes came to me with such a bad eye infection that
I thought one would have to be removed! As you see, she
has recovered beautifully.
She's still a kitten (maybe four months old, tops) and now
all her veterinary work has been completed and she's ready
for a home.
She loves to be petted!
Posted March 9, 2018.
She's now in a room where she can be out of her cage in
the daytime and is reveling in her freedom. She follows me
around and talks her head off!
April 3
Gregg has been here about three weeks. He came in
already neutered, but underweight and dehydrated -- with
diarrhea that responded to nothing until I tried probiotics.
He's fine now -- and, as you see, quite a mush.
Posted March 9, 2018.
When he first came he was antagonistic towards other
cats: screamed when he saw one! But now he runs
around on the floor and gets along with everyone, even
my dog.
April 3.
Delight was crying outside my building, evidently just
abandoned. She was so terrified that she ran away from me and
I had to leave a trap out.
Once indoors she relaxed and became the nicest little purry girl!
She's not a tabby tuxedo, but has little patches of orange striping
mixed with the black and gray: as unusual as she is sweet.
She seems to be quite young -- maybe only a year old.
Posted March 14, 2018.
Double is an odd little cat: a bit shy, but curious and sometimes
willing to be petted.
And very photogenic!
He's a year old and small for a male.
April 6, 2018