Cats for Adoption
Randolph has been with me for a couple of years now and has
blossomed into one of the sweetest cats I've ever encountered: he
asks to be petted (loves handling) and has befriended the cats most in
need of nurturing.
He's not cuddly with people: doesn't want to sit in my lap or be
picked up. And he's shy with strangers.
But if you want a second cat as a companion for the one you've got,
he's the one!  
Updated March 14, 2020
Double has been with me for over two years, since he came in
as a big kitten. He's a dear cat, but a bit shy, especially with
people he doesn't know.
It's hard to place a cat who hides when company comes!
Updated December 30, 2019
Misty is a quiet little cat who walks with a limp. She's friendly
with people but likes to insert herself into small places (under the
bedcovers, under furniture), so she tends not to be noticed.   
Randolph (above) has taken her under his wing and washes her
head. Sometimes she plays with him.
Updated December 30, 2019
Victor isn't especially friendly and also requires a veterinary diet to
prevent UTIs, so he's not very adoptable!
If you want an aloof cat (only pet!) who will take care of your
mice and don't mind the special diet, you might consider him.
Updated December 30, 2019
Adopted May 3, 2020.